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Sheet metal and profile machining

TALLAG impresses with forming and joining technologies. We use state-of-the-art laser cutting machines, forming presses, profile and tube bending machines as well as welding robots before the parts are cathodic dip coated and powder coated and then assembled for you.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is an efficient technology for cutting sheet metal from steel, stainless steel and aluminium with up to 25 mm material thickness. It is particularly suitable for different geometries and batch sizes that require highly flexible machining. Our systems have partial or even full automation for autonomous processing in shift operation.

Bending, forming, tube bending

Using special tools, precise forming work for a component length of up to 4,000 mm is carried out on our CNC folding and hydraulic presses as well as fully electric tube bending machines. This ensures low tolerances for further processing on automated welding systems and also precise installation at our customers’ premises.

Manual or automated welding

We weld steel, stainless steel, aluminium and also black and white joints. For these we use MAG, MIG and TIG processes. In addition to our very high level of expertise in manual welding, we use an automatic track welding machine, five welding robots with swivel-mounted holding tables and a circular welding machine.

Bonding, distortion-free joining

Adhesive bonding technology offers several advantages over welding. There is no heat that can lead to distortion, cooling stresses or structural changes of the parts. The adhesive manages to create tight joints and, when bonding different materials, compensates for their different expansion coefficients without weakening the joint. We have very good experience in bonding aluminium and steel or stainless steel.


Whether cathodic dip coating (CDC) or powder coatings – our processes meet the highest visual demands with excellent technical properties.

Cathodic dip coating has made a name for itself in the automotive industry in particular, as it is suitable for all electrically chargeable materials.

The final coating is a powder coating that maintains its surface finish, making it ready for direct installation at the customer’s premises.


The job of assembling is to put together a highly complex product from parts that have been produced using different manufacturing processes.

We have specially developed equipment that allows even heavy and large components to be ergonomically assembled using a supporting handling system.

Punching from coils or blanks

Our press equipment includes hydraulic and eccentric presses, partly combined with coil technology. Punching and forming is very fast and economical for large batches. It offers a much higher output than laser cutting.


The machining processes include turning, milling, broaching, grinding and gear-cutting – all of which we master perfectly.