• Manufacturing

Many paths, one clear direction

The world is changing – and we at the TALLAG Group are part of those changes. With our customers in mind and by exchanging constructive information with each other on a regular basis, we have one clear common business goal. By helping our customers to manufacture their products more precisely, safely and efficiently, we also ensure our own success in the long term. In doing so, we rely on three strong cornerstones of our company – our high level of technical manufacturing expertise, combined with customised process designs for our customers and foresight for upcoming challenges.

Our vision

We are a recognised and reliable partner of international industries and demanding technology leaders when it comes to the production of system components and highly complex assemblies. This means that we are able to meet the highest standards of quality and precision, guaranteeing our customers products that are as efficient as they are durable. As a group of companies, we are a stable constant even in turbulent times, holding our own in the market and successfully helping our customers to overcome their challenges.

Our mission – “100% efficiency”

By combining our strengths and expertise within one group of companies, we are able to realise even the most complex tasks efficiently. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art technologies and multi-stage manufacturing processes that are perfectly coordinated and slot together step by step. This means that we are able to ensure customer satisfaction and the growth of our group at the same time.

Our values

As a regional employer and international partner, we stand first and foremost for trust, not only for our employees who work hard every day for our economic success (and for whom we want to offer a secure future in our companies and regions), but also for trust in pioneering technologies and the benefits they provide, enabling us to make the world a little better together with our customers.

High-tech manufacturing

For 150 years, we have been continuously growing with our customers’ requirements, rooted in a long tradition of technical progress. The broad technical basis of our production processes is based on this development. Today, more than 550 employees of the TALLAG Group produce system components and complex assemblies at three locations. Multi-stage and sophisticated manufacturing solutions are created in our machining centres, which are elementary components in our customers’ value chains. Whether turning, milling, laser cutting, welding or coating – each of these work steps guarantees quality with the highest precision, short implementation times and flexible manufacturing processes for our customers. From prototype to large-scale production.

Synchronised processes

Through intensive joint exchange, we in the TALLAG Group have coordinated our process and supply chains in such a way that all procedures are optimally synchronised with each other. From planning to logistics, you can rely on us every single step of the way. Whether just-in-time or just-in-sequence – we always synchronise our scalable manufacturing capacities and process designs to suit our customers’ requirements. As a materials processing company, we have been practising responsible resource, environmental and supplier management for years.

Bundled expertise

For generations, we have relied on our high level of innovation and manufacturing expertise, which is based on the skills of our employees. Their expertise and passion is the reason why the TALLAG Group is able to create well thought-out manufacturing solutions for the ideas of tomorrow. Our customers may put down a visionary sketch on paper today that we turn into reality tomorrow. This expertise is our greatest asset – as well as our need to constantly question, optimise and think ahead about our processes and technologies. Because together we want to continue to develop promising products that make our world more sustainable and safer.

The concept of quality firmly anchored in the company

Flawless products, error prevention at every point, permanently satisfied customers:

Anyone who wants to be strong down to the fine details doesn’t just need ambitious quality goals that are binding for everybody. They need people who are so obsessed with detail that errors don’t even occur in new developments in the first place. We have the same high standards for ourselves as those of our customers.